My Political Values

  1. The Rule of Law. Our Constitutions, the Federal and then the state are the law of land. No one, including a government official, at any level, from the President or Governor on down to the tax collector or dogcatcher, is above the requirements and sanctions of the law. Furthermore, political dissatisfaction and economic hardship at home do not generate de facto rights for foreigners to blatantly transgress our borders and our laws.
  2. Individual Liberty. Equality of opportunity does not mean equality of outcome. The opportunity to succeed is, inherently, also, the opportunity to fail… Nonetheless, every law-abiding citizen deserves the right, free from government interference, to enjoy life, to be secure in his or her liberty and to legally engage in the pursuit of happiness, regardless of whether, or not, some government bureaucrat thinks he or she can achieve it.
  3. Limited Government with resulting fiscal responsibility and low taxes. Fully enfranchised and capable adults do not need a “Nanny State.” Furthermore, nobody, including government, should be allowed to pass an inheritance of “crushing debt” to the next generation.
  4. Free Enterprise. If conducting business involves no contract disputes, fraud, theft, coercion, or unsafe practices for the public or employees, then government has no mandate to be involved in it, at all!
  5. Pro-life. I believe that a woman’s body and soul are hers to do with as she legally chooses. However, no citizen has the unfettered right to intentionally harm another human being or otherwise impinge upon another’s rights. Herein lies the crux of the issue: when is a developing fetus a human being and who else, besides the potential mother-to-be, may have “rights” in this issue?

    Because I am convinced that human life begins at conception, I cannot philosophically support unregulated abortion choices regardless of whether the pregnancy is uncomfortable, inconvenient, expensive, embarrassing or otherwise undesirable. Especially, if the pregnancy was the result of personal irresponsibility and involves no threat to the mother’s life or long term, physical health, there is no way, logically or morally, that such can be defended as grounds for intentionally terminating the existence of another human being.

    It was the position of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in 1973 that human life begins well after conception in Roe v. Wade. Because, prior to that date, I took a sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I must (albeit, reluctantly) abide by that SCOTUS decision. This necessity is because the Constitution has vested that organ with the power to interpret the document. I will work through all ethical and legal avenues to get that decision overturned or re-interpreted. However, until that occurs, I, as a commissioned officer and a gentleman, have given my word, and will live by it, until such time as it is impossible for me to do so. I do not anticipate such a condition until the collapse or abrogation of Constitutionally constituted government of the US, or my death (which, God willing, will naturally precede the former event by millennia, I hope).

I serve:

The People of Anderson County.

Their voice needs to be heard.

My Country

I spent too many years protecting the precious freedoms passed on from our founders, to be happy with the current direction in my nation, state and community. Tennessee government needs to set an example.

My Family

State government is a temporary stop for me. My family's future is in Anderson County, not Nashville.

My God

I try daily to live up to his expectations.

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